Giving to Zion’s

We offer two ways to give to Zion’s electronically.

One time donation:

You can make a one-time donation to Zion’s through Paypal

Recurring donation: 

You can set up intentional giving that makes automated withdraws from your account into the church’s account.   This is done through the Simply Giving program.  Through this link to the Simply Giving  website you can sign-up to start giving through this program or edit your level giving.

Simply Giving helps the church in terms of income steadiness.  It also simplifies your life as a giver, knowing that wherever you travel, you contribution still comes to the church.  It also makes it more enjoyable in that you do not have to make a decision (or even remember your checkbook or wallet) on a Sunday morning.

We offer little cards in the pews that if you can put in the offering plates.  They indicate you give electronically — we know some people don’t feel comfortable passing the plate without putting in anything!

You can also support Zion’s at no additional cost to you by:

  • Making your Amazon purchases through this link , which will direct you to Amazon Smiles (where you can buy everything you would normally buy on Amazon–Prime included!), where a portion of your sale will be donated to Zion’s. There is no additional cost for you, but the ministries at Zion’s will benefit! Please consider this option!
  • Directing your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Zion’s by using this link You must be a Thrivent member with Choice Dollar benefits to use this option, but it’s a great way to support Zion’s ministries at no additional cost to you. For more information about this option, please contact Pastor Caitlin or Jim Gill.


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