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YSOP: Washington DC 2016

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The youth traveled to Washington DC for a mini-mission trip through a program called YSOP.  After some sightseeing, we cooked and served a meal, open to people coming from the streets.  It was a powerful opportunity to serve other people, especially people in need.  Each table not only had food, but also board games.  As we played games and broke bread together, we got to know each other and realize we are all people!

The next morning we split into two teams to do service projects.  The one group headed to a furniture bank; the other to a senior citizen center.  Both groups were able to serve others — blessed to be a be blessing!

NYC Mission Trip 2015

20150424_184643 20150425_111817On our mission trip to New York City, we had a meal with homeless people.  It was really meaningful to share a meal we had cooked with them.  We also played games.  The whole experience reminded us that we are all people!

The next day we split up into groups.  Some of us worked on a community garden.


Mission Trip 2013

This year the Mission Trip included a Blitz Build through Habitat for Humanity.  We started with a concrete slab; in one week we raised the walls and roof; we also installed the plumbing and windows.

Mission Trip 2010: Camp Kirchenwald

In 2010, we stayed local, serving a variety of ministries within 45 minutes of our homes.  We discovered many ways to reach out and connect with others.  One of our projects involved cooking meals for families with loved ones having medical procedures done at Hershey Hospital. 

What also “spiced” up the trip was our four German youth visitors.  We hope to continue this bridge of friendship and have more German youth come this summer.